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How to handle waste oil & coolant safely

04 November 2016

Draining and disposing of waste engine oil is an ongoing challange for the transport and heavy vehicle industry. Tyre Doctor's MASSANT oil and coolant slaves provide an inovative solution that increases safety and efficency in any workshop.

These units are designed and manufactured in Australia by Tyre Doctor and boast the following features

  • Large, heavy duty castors for easy manouevering
  • Air, 240V and 12V pump options
  • Plastic and powdercoated steel construction
  • Fast discharge - over 100L in 4 minutes
  • Drain, transport and dispose of waste liquid with 1 unit
  • Integrated oil filter draining rack
  • 105L capacity

Increase the efficency of your service department and reduce the risk of an hazardous spills with Tyre Doctor's MASSANT Oil & Coolant slaves.

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